About Us

About Us

TRIMECH ENGINEERING¬†PTE LTD was founded in 1991 to provide engineering services to the electronics manufacturing industry in Singapore, specializing in system design and fabrication. The company is spearheaded by an experience management team that was distilled from various manufacturing environments. The concept of this establishment is to provide a “One-Stop” total manufacturing solutions to the electronics industry in the region. All functions such as system design, R&D and fabrication are in-house for a quick turnaround time.

TRIMECH TECHNOLOGY PTE LTD is one of the global leaders in providing manufacturing equipment to the electronics manufacturing industry. Established in 1995, the company has more than 20 years of experience and expertise in providing thermal bonding and lamination for (OCA РOptical Clear Adhesive and LOCA РLiquid Optical Clear Adhesive) solutions. The headquarter of the company is located in Singapore, which houses R&D, Logistics, Production & Assembly and Sales & Service functions in the 45,000 sqft facility.

TRIMECH Group of Companies takes the form of two distinctive entities. Each entity serves the industry in the form of different product category. TRIMECH Engineering provides production and testing solutions with customized systems to monitor process parameters, motion control systems, force analytical system, etc. TRIMECH Technology serves the Electronics industry with precision heating applications and lamination solutions for touch panels. All equipment are trademarked under the brand name Cherusal.

Research and Development
R&D team in HQ comprises of engineers specializing in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Software development. Over the years, the team has been working on developing new technological platforms through continuous innovation. This helps the company to be constantly staying ahead of competition with multiple patents filed for thermal bonding designs and lamination processes.

Trimech Technology has provided customers with market leading solutions to diverse electronics market segments. The evolution of mobile electronics devices (including wearable) resulted in increasing demand for high resolution LCD modules and thin & sensitive touch panels. Innovative designs for mobile devices with slim product profile replace connectors with slim and lightweight components.

Computer peripherals such as printers, optical mouse, touch pads and hard disk drives are industries that also incorporate ACF, hot bar soldering and lamination in their product design.

Providing excellent customer service is one of Trimech philosophies. In order to provide pre and post sales service and engineering supports; Branch offices, service centers and distribution channels are set up in multiple countries. To date, the network includes seven branches, ten service centers in China and three agents in Philippines, Penang and Germany.

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