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    The ACF Pre-attachment Machine is ideally suited for production needs in the attachment of Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) onto LCD, glass panel, flexible circuits, PCB and a wide variety of substrates. Constant heat is utilized as the heating source to ensure consistency in the temperature across the heater block. Generally, ACF is pre-attached onto the substrates prior to bonding of TAB or Flex circuits. The automatic operation process comprises of ACF lamination, peeling and half-cut operation. This high performance ACF dispensing system has the ability to handle both single and double ACF protective layer. The integrated universal ACF collet is also compatible with a wide variety of ACF.


    • Integrated with high accuracy constant heat controller
    • High performance system that handles single or double ACF protective layer
    • Half-cut mechanism
    • Universal ACF collets and guides applicable to a wide variety of ACF
    • Semi-automatic operation in linear moving stage provides
      fast and safe loading and unloading of substrates


    Dispensing of ACF onto PCB, LCD and Flex Circuits

Contact Information

    • Address:
      15 Tampines Industrial Avenue 5,
      T5@Tampines, Singapore 528763