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  • Auto Final Bonding Machine

    TM-809P-6H-A Auto Final Bond Machine is designed for automatic final bonding Flex onto Flex/PCB. All FPCs must be pre-tacked onto Flex/PCB with PSA/TSA/ACF adhesive prior to final bonding. Bottom FPCs/PCBs in trays are delivered by incoming conveyor belt. Finished pre-tacked parts leaves the machine through conveyor belt in trays.


    • The Final Bond units are equipped with Cherusal  INTELLIPULSE system. This state of art pulse heated system  automatically  selects  pulse  current  based  on  set  temperature  profile….,which  provides  the advantages for rapid temperature ramping, reducing heat-sinking effect on substrate, cooling process (after bonding) and reduction in power consumption.


    • Hot Bar Soldering
    • ACF Bonding

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