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    Precision Pull Tester TM-78 is the ideal equipment to provide solution in wire pull testing and shear testing. The system measures minute pulling force up to 0.1 gram resolution. Integrated with an easy navigating menu system, TM-78 features a LCD touch panel display that provides easy set-up and operation of system. An optional power scope can be mounted onto system for alignment and setting up of micro part such as lead frame and wire bonded IC. Customised workholders and nozzles are designed for specific parts for precise holding during testing. TM-78 can also communicate with PC through RS232.


    • Precision measurement of pulling force up to 0.1 gram resolution
    • Motorised test stand equipped with fully adjustable vertical test space
    • Table jog speed at 10mm/sec
    • High precision load cell that provides accurate test records and load readout
    • Suitable for destructive and non-destructive testing
    • Variable motor speed
    • Overload protection
    • Connection of RS232 to PC for data output
    • LCD display provides real time display of test records and data
    • Data can be exported to Text or Excel format with graph
    • Password protection


    Inspection and testing of all kinds of precision parts and mechanisms
    Designed to provide precise solution to wire pull testing and shear testing

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      15 Tampines Industrial Avenue 5,
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