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    Specifically designed for Hot Bar (Reflow) Soldering, TM-100P-3H-XY is equipped with three bonding heads, allowing it to simultaneously bond three parts at a time. Each bond head is controlled by individual high accuracy microprocessor based pulse heat controller that allows excellent temperature control and repeatability needed for hot bar applications. The integrated Intelli-Pulse system offers high speed and accurate temperature control. The integration of co-planarity mechanism provides adjustment of bonding head allowing even pressure distribution across the bond area. The machine is equipped with servo motor actuated X, Y movement table to translating fixtures to multiple bond positions rapidly and accurately.


    • 3 Bonding Heads to bond 3 parts simultaneously
    • 3 Top Bonding Heads to bond 3 parts simultaneously
    • 3 Bottom Heater Module to preheat parts which has huge heat sink effect.
    • Intelli-pulse system with 4 stage ramp temperature.
    • Bonding force range of 1kgf ~ 28kgf.
    • Bonding force repeatability +/-300g.
    • Intelli-Pulse system offers fast and accurate temperature control +/-5 ⁰.
    • Real time temperature profile display on LCD touch panel.
    • 50 programmable profiles program storage.


    • Hot Bar Soldering
    • HSC Bonding
    • ACF Bonding

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    • Address:
      15 Tampines Industrial Avenue 5,
      T5@Tampines, Singapore 528763