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    ACF Pre-attachment Machine TM-90-VA is designed for automatic pre-attachment of ACF onto the circuit board. The machine uses a press head to apply force and low temperature to let ACF pre-attach onto the circuit board or flexible circuit board. Pre-attachment of ACF is the first step in the process of ACF attachment.

    The machine uses the vision alignment system to align the ACF and then pre-attach ACF onto circuit board or flexible circuit board. Press head apply a constant heat to melt the ACF glue and apply a force to bond the ACF with printed circuit board or flexible circuit board together. The machine is operated fully automatically via the PLC control system. The press head generates heat via a heating rod.

    Machine Specifications is 230V ┬▒ 5%, 32 A / single-phase, current 50Hz ~ 60Hz.


    • Fast pre-attachment of ACF
    • High resolution of vision system
    • Auto-alignment of ACF pre-attachment
    • Alignment pre-attachment accuracy +/-0.1mm
    • Conveyor transfers the tray


    Pre-attach the ACF onto circuit board

Contact Information

    • Address:
      15 Tampines Industrial Avenue 5,
      T5@Tampines, Singapore 528763